Elixsys Turns Coal Fly Ash from a Liability to an Asset

Elixsys Turns Coal Fly Ash from a Liability to an Asset

Elixsys Inc. is developing an innovative modular chemical process to extract valuable minerals, metals, and rare earth elements from coal combustion waste. The company plans to bring these materials to a variety of industrial supply chains.

In recent pilot-scale validation tests, the company successfully demonstrated 100 hours of continuous operation on gypsum solid waste from a coal-fired power plant in Pennsylvania.

Tests were conducted at SGS laboratories. “Elixsys’ continuous-flow pilot ran flawlessly, converting flue gas desulfurization solids into ammonium sulfate and calcium carbonate products,” said Kevin Bradley, SGS Project Manager. Chemical analyses of these products are consistent with the specifications for fertilizer-quality ammonium sulfate and technical-grade calcium carbonate. With over 75 years’ experience and a truly global presence, SGS has earned the reputation as the leading supplier of proven, technically advanced metallurgical services.

Laboratory results validate process simulation model data developed at the Elixsys Technology Development Center in State College, PA. The center is managed by the company’s Chief Science Officer Dr. Barry Scheetz, an internationally recognized expert on coal ash.

“We are moving forward confidently with our technical and business approaches that will help our customers lower operating costs, mitigate environmental risks, and create new cash-flow streams,” according to Joe Preston, Elixsys President.

The company’s near-term goals include commercial demonstration of Module 1 while completing development and pilot testing on Module 2 that will extract industrial metals from the ash. This work is scheduled to be complete in January 2019. “We are looking to close our first deal with a utility operator/partner in early 2019 and start commercial demonstration-scale production later that year. Based on current scale-up and certification plans, each of our standard modules will have a rated capacity to process 1,000 tons of gypsum and ash with full-scale operations targeted for operation in the 2021/2022 timeframe,” concluded Preston.

About Elixsys Inc.

Elixsys is a chemical company providing utilities with a standardized modular plant to extract valuable metals, minerals, and rare earth elements from coal combustion waste. The modules combine proven and environmentally safe processes with innovative sequencing and trade secret chemical formulas to deliver marketable commodities. Recovered materials are in demand as cement, fertilizer, and herbicide additives and as specialty filler products used in the production of high-quality paper, plastics, rubber, and specialty coatings. Elixsys blends technical excellence and innovation to deliver customized solutions that meet clients’ specific needs. More information on Elixsys and its services can be found at elixsysinc.com.

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