Board of Directors

Dan Preston

Dan Preston is currently Chairman of the Board for Elixsys Inc. and the President and CEO of ClaroVia Holdings, LLC. Throughout his career Mr. Preston has founded, led, and participated in numerous technology companies over the years; some of which have achieved significant market impact. One company led by Mr. Preston was selected as one of Fortune Magazine’s “Cool Companies” and recognized as one of the top 25 companies in the Northwest by the Investment Forum. Others have delivered key technologies for Ford Motor Company’s Sync product and General Motors for their OnStar program. More recently in January of 2015 IPWatchdog [1] identified one of Mr. Preston’s companies, Eagle Harbor Holdings, as having received the second most U.S. patents for autonomous driving vehicles with 19.1% of the patents being issued closely following Google at 21.7%. Today, Mr. Preston is a named inventor on 156 patents and applications pending ranging in diverse technology spaces.

Steve Piccolo

Steve Piccolo is currently CEO of Elixsys Inc. and Principle Officer in Applied Capstone Technologies. He was previously Chairman of Kurion, Inc., a nuclear waste processing company. Prior to Kurion, Inc. Mr. Piccolo was the Chief Operating Officer for URS Energy and Environment. He was also the President of the Westinghouse Savannah River Company, General Manager of the Hanford Waste Treatment Project, General Manager Yucca Mountain Project, and Project Manager for various URS government services operations spanning geography from Washington State to South Carolina, from New Mexico to New York and from England/Scotland to Iraq. He was the Engineering Director and Project Manager for major multiple DOE first of a kind multi-billion dollar projects.
Prior to that Mr. Piccolo was Recovery and Startup Manager for five commercial nuclear facilities. He has also started six companies.
He has been Chairman or a board member of eight companies.
He holds a BSME from the University of Rhode Island, MLS from Eastern Michigan University, and Advanced Management from Duke University.


Dr. Ralph DiSibio is currently a Board Member for Elixsys Inc. He was previously CEO and Chairman of Kurion, Inc., a board member of Quantas Services and Conti Construction. He serves on the Department of Energy Secretary’s Nuclear Energy Advisory Council. Prior Experience includes President of Washington Group Energy and Environment, President of Parsons Government Services, and President of the Westinghouse Hanford Company.
In his previous career he led the regulatory process for a Nevada low level waste repository and a five state coalition to regulate repositories.


Samuel Hemingway is currently the Chief Financial Officer for Elixsys Inc. and for ClaroVia Holdings, LLC. Previously he served as Assistant to the Chairman of Manufactures Hanover Trust, with a stay on Wall Street with Barclays Bank. With Barclays, he had assignments in New York, Chicago, and London headquarters. He then was a private venture capitalist and served on a number of public company boards. At Cascadia Capital he was CFO and Controller. He remains a Trustee of Trinity-Pawling School. He obtained a BS from Cornell University and studied for his MBA at NYU.


Joe Preston is currently the President for Elixsys Inc. Previously he served as a Director in Eagle Harbor Holdings, LLC, an intellectual property development group holding over 75 patents related to automotive infotainment. Additionally, he was a VP and Chief Technology Officer for Medius, Inc., a firm developing and testing wireless automotive devices. He was a Co-Founder for Telematics dba Airbiquity, Inc. and an Engineer/Chief Pilot for Advanced Technologies Company, Inc.
He currently holds 17 patents. His career spans government as well as the commercial industry.
He holds a commercial pilot license.


Phillip C. Ohl is currently a Board Member for Elixsys Inc. He has extensive executive domestic and international experience in operation and management of engineering systems in the nuclear industry and business development of technical solutions to support them. Mr. Ohl’s background includes technical support through engineering service organizations, direct management of engineering staff and programs associated with plant life extension, and commercial marketing and consulting for an engineering and technology firm as well as an international technology company. Mr. Ohl’s technical strengths include mechanical systems, corrosion engineering, materials selection, failure analysis, non-destructive examination, and cathodic protection. Formal education for Mr. Ohl includes BS in Materials Science & Engineering and MS in Engineering Management, both from Washington State University and a certificate in Management and Leadership from MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Mr. Ohl is a Registered Professional Engineer, Mechanical Branch, in the states of Washington and Oregon and a Certified Project Management Professional (inactive).