Message from the CEO

As a chemical company, we have ingrained safety in everything we do. Our modular chemical and production system for manufacturing high grade mineral compounds and technology metals from coal combustion products and gas & oil production fluids is the cornerstone of our business.
The executive, operations, and development team is comprised of industry and academia leaders with a practical application focus. Our business model is centered around production partnerships as we are the cutting edge tech company with a promise of eliminating coal ash waste and reusing it for mineral and technology metal supply.
Spend time with us and witness safety, enthusiasm, and proven applied technology solutions at work for you.

‐ Steve Piccolo

Core Values

Integrated Safety Management

We embrace a strong safety culture, working safely and efficiently in a manner that ensures protection of workers, the public, and the environment. Our ultimate safety goal is zero accident, work-related injuries and illnesses, regulatory violations, and reportable environmental releases.

Operational Excellence

We have designed our modular plant to operate reliably and efficiently and developed our innovative sequencing and trade secret chemical formulas to recover minerals, metals, and rate earth elements consistent with industry-specific quality and technical specifications to meet end-product user needs.

Engaged and Enabled Workforce

Our people and our talent enable us to deliver results for our customers. We maintain and enhance the core competencies that are the foundation of our licensee and design-build-operate business approaches. These core competencies include: analytical chemistry; engineering; chemical processing; environmental science and technology; and safe, disciplined, efficient conduct of operations. The ELIXSYS organizational culture serves as a model to be emulated by our strategic utility partners