Converting Liabilities into Assets

Elixsys Inc.™ is a renewable chemical company with a standardized modular plant structure which extracts valuable products from coal combustion waste. The modules combine proven and environmentally safe processes with innovative sequencing and trade secret chemical formulas and processes to deliver marketable commodities. Recovered materials are in demand as fertilizer, industrial additives, cement, and as specialty filler products used in the production of high-quality paper, plastics, rubber, and specialty coatings. Elixsys blends technical excellence and innovation to deliver customized solutions that meet clients’ specific needs.

Our Core Values


We embrace a strong safety culture, working safely and efficiently in a manner that ensures protection of workers, the public, and the environment. Our ultimate safety goal is zero accident, work-related injuries and illnesses, regulatory violations, and reportable environmental releases

We have designed our modular plant to operate reliably and efficiently and developed our innovative sequencing and trade secrets to recover minerals, metals, and rare earth elements consistent with industry-specific quality and technical specifications to meet end-product user needs

Our people and our talent enable us to deliver results for our customers. We maintain and enhance the core competencies that are the foundation of our licensee and design-build-operate business approaches. These core competencies include: analytical chemistry; engineering; chemical processing; environmental science and technology; and safe, disciplined, efficient conduct of operations.

We have formed a solutions-based company with technology that consumes coal ash waste and CO2 eliminating major environmental hazards while producing recycle commercial and industrial products in an environmentally benign manner

With 3.1 billion tons of backlog ash, and more being produced daily, we are a long-term sustainable technology replacing the need for mines and refiners.

Process Statistics

Billion Tons of Backlogged Ash to Process
Tons of Feedstock, Per Plant, per Day
Potential Outputs